Considering Environmental Policy in Development of Tourism Sector in Georgia



The environmental area is a key factor in the management and profitability of economic sectors such as, enterprises of tourism industry. As one of economic field, tourism obviously depends on local natural environment and is sensitive to the changes of environmental state. This situation is expected to happen in development of global tourism industry. Tourism is one of the most dynamic sectors of Georgian economy in last decades, its impartial basics are: unique natural resources, favorable geographical location and other factors that forms a certain condition of attractiveness of Georgia. Based on the results carried out by various reaserchers, the problems have been raised in all Georgian regions. Compared to other touristic countries, where service sector has become to be most profitable, Georgian hospitality industry is recently developed and social-economical development of the country is connected with elaboration of relevant Environmental policy. The environmental area has as direct as well as indirect influence on tourist flow and tourist seasonal alternation. Thus for tourism straight planning it is necessary to assess environmental conditions and their changes, that leads to elaboration of activity system taking into account environmental policy in tourism sector. Physical environment is very important part of the tourist product and tourists are also looking for different destinations. The main purpose of this work is the study of the dynamics of environment condition development and its influence on the nature- recreation resources of Georgia.

Tam Metin: